Bay Town

“I can feel your pain, your grief—your rage. Tell me what ails you child, and perhaps together we can set things aright.”.
—Old Murtha

Location: On the shores of King’s Bay, outside the walls of the Wharf District.
Neighborhoods: Slums.
Common Businesses: Boat builders, brothels, butchers, churches, fishmongers, inns, ropemaker/netmakers, taverns, warehouses.
Watch Presence: Low (Day); None (Night)
Things to Remember: This wretched slum neighborhood lies just outside the city walls. It is a place of sin and vice that is shunned by law-abiding folk. The taverns, inns, and brothels of Baytown are among the worst dives in all of Dolmvay. Think poverty, unwashed sailors, barroom brawls, clandestine meetings, and back alley murders.

This small gate is kept closed and is seldom
used. It provides access from Baytown to the
Guild District. The Baygate posting is considered
an unfavorable assignment and the Watchmen
on duty here tend to be men of shady character
who had problems fitting in with members at
other posts.
Outer Docks
These docks lie outside the city walls and are
capable of accommodating even the largest
sailing vessels. The docks are identified by
female names (Jennysdock, Margaretsdock,
Elanasdock, etc.), with the names of each dock
inscribed on a wooden sign.
The docking fee is 1 cp piece for private
vessels or 5% of the cargo’s value for merchant
vessels. An additional 1 cp must be paid for
every week after the first. All fees are collected
by an agent of the Harbormaster, and all sailors
and passengers must remain on board until the
fee is paid.

Atwater’s Hall
Atwater’s Hall is a one-story tavern that
caters to some of Baytown’s less vile sailors,
adventurers, and other clientele. The tavern
consists of a common taproom in front, with
kitchens, private meeting chambers, and the
proprietor’s quarters in the back. Atwater’s Hall
serves Common quality meals. The tavern is
owned and operated by the former sea captain
Lawrence Atwater.

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Bay Town

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